LDV Wind flower girl drink bag
LDV Wind flower girl drink bag
RM55.00 MYR

LDV Wind flower girl drink bag

This adorable Canvas Bag is designed by La Dolce Vita, a Taiwanese stationery designer who is know for its unique girl character with red blushes on cheeks.

With pastel, dreamy sugary colour tones and rich details, we believe that you will bath in happiness when using this beautiful two-way canvas bag. It is designed to be light and portable, the ideal size to store and organise your essentials on the go, like your digital devices, notebook, journals, writing instruments, wallet and other small items.

**For washing, turn inside out & wash with cold water**

  • Size: (L)20.5cmx (W)16.5cm
  • Material: Canvas cotton fabrics
  • Designed by La Dolce Vita
  • Made in Taiwan