Meow Illustration Botanic Rubber Stamp - Somewhere
RM55.00 MYR

Meow Illustration Botanic Rubber Stamp - Somewhere

These beautiful wooden rubber stamp designed by Australia based watercolour illustrator, Carol.

Perfect to use daily on journals, scrapbooks, outgoing mails or any creative projects. 

Meow Illustration is adventurous by love fantasy, and often squats on the roadside to observe all kinds of flowers and plants. Founded in Australia.

She believe that every day, every moment, every second is worth our record and commemoration.
So go slower, look around, look for the little ones who are shining around.
Let the warm watercolor outline these healing moments and become the shining stars in your romantic life

*Shipping " WORLDWIDE" 

Size: 40 x 80mm

Designed by Meow Illustration

Made in Taiwan