Creative IDEAS for Snail Mail

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Snail Mail refers to traditional mail that is delivered to your doorstep as opposed to other lightening-fast mediums such as emails.


Snail Mail is a dying medium. And it’s probably because people prefer using fancy emoticons instead of putting pen to paper. What was once a fun, interactive activity for kids is now a boring concept. Birthday cards are replaced by two-word messages that are instantly delivered. It’s annoying to see that everyone is occupied with phones that keep buzzing every now and then. Gone are the times when we were thrilled to see the postman show up at our doorstep. Now, he’s just another guy bringing the Amazon parcels. Writing a letter isn’t a part of our everyday lives anymore. Well, on the bright side, Snail Mail is not dead yet.


To help revive this age-old medium of communication, you can take up the task of writing a personalized snail mail letter to your loved ones. Not only is this a great way to encourage the forgotten art of writing. You can enjoy this fun-filled activity with your kids, nephews or nieces or even by yourself. A personalized letter is not only a one-of-its-kind gift but also has the old charm to it. If you’ve been searching for some Do-it-yourself gift ideas, your search ends here!


Creative IDEAS for Snail Mail

Letters help to bring out the deepest emotions and reflect on our lives. They help you to clear out your mind and get rid of the otherwise cluttered thoughts. Your mind begins to ponder over every word and you contemplate what’s going on in your life. Writing letters is an engaging activity that helps you unwind and relax and when it comes to creativity, there are no limits. Here are several ideas that you can include in your Snail Mail:



Fancy Postage Stamps

You’ve probably used those boring stamps which you’ve probably licked and stuck. With Christmas around the corner, you can use vintage stamps. They’re perfect for wrapping paper and envelopes, but you can use them to decorate postcards too. You can even use old newspapers, pages from an old book or a magazine to give that rustic feel to it. You know what they say? Vintage is the new modern. They’re hilarious and amusing at the same time. Furthermore, Stamps can be an exciting form of mail art on their own.


Japanese Paper

I know what you’re thinking: Paper is just paper. It doesn’t have to be Japanese. Actually, Japanese paper is a unique paper made with all natural materials. You can write, doodle, sketch or paint on it. It is durable and has a really soft texture to it. You can use it to make a Christmas card and use a brush-pen for lettering.



Ephemera are collectibles which were treasured for a short amount of time. These can include some vintage bus tickets, old books , old stamps, receipts of that famous restaurant etc. They’re a beautiful reminder of your precious memories and a great gift to pass on. You can put together a collage of all these collectibles and write a lovely note on the back of it.


Washi Tapes

As if the world isn’t already being taken over by the newest craze from Japan. Washi Tapes are simple to use and look incredibly cute. There is a ton of different variants to choose from. You can choose from glittery tapes, polka dots, striped ones or the ones with tiny cats printed on them. No one, I repeat, no one hates cats. If you’re going for a more elegant, vintage-style look, you can use the lace-print Washi tape. You will definitely find one that expresses your personality clearly.


Brush Pens

Brush pens are pens that come with a tip that is identical to that of a brush. They are perfect for calligraphy, but they can be used for sketching and cartooning as well, because of the smooth flow of ink. They’re extremely versatile and handy. Just scribble on a hearty message for your loved ones and you’re good to go. If brush pens are not your thing, you can even try your hand at pen holders which come with nibs, they’re a modern version of the vintage-style nib pens.


Wax Seals

To seal the deal, or in this case, an envelope, you can use wax seals. Wax seals are actually a rediscovered art which is slowly gaining popularity. Standard envelopes have been replaced by wax seals which


Rubber Stamps

These are one of the handiest tools which will help you to create amazing letters. What’s great about Rubber stamps is the fact that they can be used over and over again. You can use different colors of ink or even emboss them to give them a chic finish. They are reasonably priced and ensure that your letter looks extra special.


Recycled Envelopes

These envelopes can be made by recycling any sort of paper of your choice. It can be a page of your favorite magazine or an article from your favorite newspaper. You can even paint a blank paper in several colors and then cut and glue it to form an envelope. This works perfectly to create a personalized envelope of anything of your choice.



You can use postcards with different themes to write a heartfelt letter to your loved ones. You can use markers or even stick some of your favorite collectibles with it. Postcards are simple and not over-the-top. To take it up a notch, you can find postcards of your favorite holiday destination or even a vintage postcard, whichever describes your personality. Send them coupled with a gift to please your loved ones!


These were some amazing ideas that you can include in your snail mail. Nothing matches the feeling of handwriting a letter to someone close to you. So, even if it is a really quick greeting or even a ‘thank you’ note, make sure to send some snail mail and help your loved ones realize how valuable they are!


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Creative IDEAS for Snail Mail