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HITOTOKI Pop-up Stickers - Dogs

These are fun pop-up stickers designed by a Japanese artist Kunomari which is great for decorating your planner, journal, thank-you card.  The sticker part is at the bottom of the sheet, and the pop-up is not too strong, so you can close the page of your planner page no problem.  You can make is stand more or less but adjusting the angle if you wish.

The pictures show inspiration ideas using different pop up stickers from different designs from the same series.  There are 8 different designs in the series which are also available in our shop.

These stickers are from an original stationery brand called HITOTOKI by KING JIM Co. established in 1927.  HITOTOKI means "one moment" in Japanese.  They say, "This series was born in hope of helping people to enjoy "one moment" of the day.  At the end of the tough day, if you can enjoy one moment with cute stationery, your day may turn into a good day."  We hope you will find your favorite item and enjoy your day!

  • Sheet Size: 9.6cm x 9.6cm 
  • Material: clear stickers
  • Made in Japan 

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